Summary: Scientific visualization is a key technology to enhance our understanding of huge masses of omics data, especially for cell-wide, high-throughput measurements of the physiological networks. We have developed a web application that visualizes complex omics data of multiple layers simultaneously, including transcriptome, pro-teome, and metabolome, onto an integrated pathway diagram de-rived by connecting the individual KEGG pathway maps; the mapped images are generated in Scalable Vector Graphics for easy editing by hand or with computer programs or drawing software.

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Our manuscript describing this online resource is published by In Silico Biology journal with the title, "MEGU: Pathway mapping web-service based on KEGG and SVG". Click the above "Publication" to view the full-text of the manuscript.

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With this CGI-based web application, you can map your own data onto the KEGG pathway and generate the SVG graphics. Heteromeric enzymes are correctly mapped with multiple gene components, and metabolic, transcriptomic, and proteomic data can be mapped simultaneously.

Sample Data (click on the image link to SVG file):


TCA Cycle

Pentose Phosphate Pathway

Database: Systematic transcriptome analysis of two-component system in Escherichia coli

Reference: Oshima, T., Aiba, H., Masuda, Y., Kanaya, S., Sugiura, M., Wanner, B.L., Mori, H., Mizuno, T., "Transcriptome analysis of all two-component regulatory system mutants of Escherichia coli K-12", Mol Microbiol, 2002;46(1):281-291. PMID:12366850
Original Data: available at GenoBase.

This data is a systematic transcriptome analysis of 36 two-component deletion mutants of E.coli K-12 W3110.

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